The crowds gathered at Sydney Oval on Tuesday night to watch in anticipation as Pollen FC played Sydney Uni. The resilience, mental strength and immense concentration that Pollen FC showed had Sydney Uni shaking in their little booties.

The game opened with a spectacular goal scored by Easty followed by some other guy (let’s call him Trevor) then some other Brazilian dude…some other stuff happened and then it finished with an excellent belter from Captain Darley just before the final whistle.

According to inside sources (Paul) Manager Hill had turbulent feedback; perfect preparation, and good use of a marker pen, however an early retirement was in order due to some school boy formation errors – just to end the compliment sandwich – his spectacular scouting kills would make Southgate proud!

Man of the match goes to Glend(w)inning – The Flying Fish! Move over, Gianluigi Buffon, this guy made more saves than Coles on Black Friday.


Mr North – I saw you running around and your hair managed to stay in place so well done for that.

Dark and Spurrier – Excellent game! Your fitness was impeccable – Bonus points as you definitely looked the best in the Pollen kit.

Dr Mang offered some uber enthusiasm and gusto filled Gedächtnisgrätsche (that’s a German word for tackling). 

 Vice Captain Yared – Tres Bon! Poor time management but excellent foot management – even though you were only on the pitch for 10 minutes you made a difference – a modern day Zidane minus the headbutting (good job as Joshua was a no show with his first aid kit)

Finally, let’s not forget the sideline support from Helena, Charline, Danny, Matt, Bec and Mrs Easty – who was delighted that “After 9 years of Paul playing football, THAT was the first match she chose to watch.”

Congratulations Team Pollen – Football IS coming home!