Pollen Academy launches Lean Six Sigma Program

Pollen Academy have expanded their ever-growing portfolio to incorporate a Lean Six Sigma / Green Belt Program in collaboration with Melbourne based training organisation Vative.

Due to popular demand with the Vative program in Melbourne, the Sydney debut kicks off at Pollen HQ 16-19th March 2020.

The 4-day workshop will be hosted at Pollen HQ in St Leonards, with training delivered by Vatives experienced facilitators and a demonstration of results will be coached by Pollens team of operational excellence consultants:


DOWNLOAD the (Lean Six Sigma) Green Belt Program here


The collaboration came about due to a unified ethos between organisations with regards to continuous improvement mindset as well as the demand to expand the Vative course geographically.

Currently offering a Lean program under Pollen Academy which focuses on speed and reducing waste in processes, The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program is a great progression of this with its focus on eliminating defects in processes.

Director of Pollen Academy, Ashely Darley said “ We are very excited to be taking our partnership to the next level. We have been working with Vative since Pollen Academy launched and they have been instrumental in the early successes we have seen.”

CEO of Vative; Theo Pappas added “Senior leaders and team members of both companies sync well together and with our need to push our geographical boundaries of delivering public courses in Sydney it made perfect sense to collaborate. We know our value proposition can effectively extend into the capability of Pollens facilitators and coaches – therefore the power of two like-minded organisations can be better than one!”

Launched by Vative in 2008 the course typically attracts leaders of change through to senior managers (from any functional area of an organisation) who have enough authority to lead project teams and make changes to process within the business.

Participants are taught Lean Six Sigma principles and their implementation as well as developing the skills to serve as high performing team members and/or leaders on business improvement projects.

They can also receive certification once completing the training, passing an exam and demonstrating results and the use of Lean Six Sigma tools and methodologies on one improvement project. (Both International Certification and Nationally Recognised Qualification options are available).

Darley said “What makes this unique and particularly exciting for me is that it combines the excellent facilitation and program provided by Vative with Pollens horsepower in the coaching arena to coach students through their projects.”

Theo adds “The key learning also come from being in the room with other people representing similar businesses where many draw on different perspectives, experiences and thought provoking conservations, especially when running the catapult simulations.”

Lean is a proven methodology and tool kit to eliminate waste by reducing process time and increasing flow. Six Sigma is a methodology and tool kit to improve process capability by reducing process variation. Together Lean Six Sigma is a powerful tool which reduces process waste which creates a chain reaction of improvements to staff morale, product and service performance, customer satisfaction and ultimately to ROI.

Theo concluded “FMCG’s work on high volume small margins therefore wastes creeping into processes and errors in quality of outputs can often be large scale issues that turns profits to losses if process isn’t strengthened through a continuous improvement strategy. Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are simply process improvement practitioners, their skills are engineered to embrace solving issues with wide variation of outputs.”


For more information about enrolling contact:

Ashley Darley; Director: Pollen Academy – ashley@pollenconsultinggroup.com  / 0459432823