From client to partner, Sean Mitchell joins Pollen to lead new property service offering

Pollen welcome a familiar face to the team as former client and Supply Chain expert Sean Mitchell joins as a new business Partner.

Mitchell joins Pollen to head up the Supply Chain practice as well as being a major piece of the strategic alliance with property experts Colliers.

Former COO at PACT, Mitchell worked alongside Pollen in 2017 and says that he was impressed with the Pollen approach and wanted to be part of it. “The focus on the COO, end to end operations piece, and driving business benefit, really appealed, so when the opportunity to join Pollen came along, it was an instant Yes!” (He was admittedly surprised to get the phone call from Paul as he “thought they were just going for a beer.”)

When asked what it was like to be the other side of the COO table Mitchell replied “I like it. I like what Pollen do, the way they do it, and how they treat their people.” “It’s also a lot more fluid than I expected, there’s no bureaucracy, very free thinking which creates a high trust environment.”

CEO and founder Paul Eastwood believes Sean is the perfect choice for heading the Property Solutions service and says “Sean has a lot of property experience from various Supply Chain Director roles and having done network optimisation & dynamic recuts. He knows where to put properties, what shape those properties need to look like and how to run tenders. He also has a good understanding of the property market and the dynamics that drives it. Team this with his ability to choose locations and balance with a company’s logistic needs and we have a winning formula. With warehouse design, and warehouse management systems, he knows the inside of a shed very well.”

Mitchell believes the Colliers collaboration is a real game changer with a significant point of difference stating “We have the strength of strategic & operations consulting from Pollen alongside an impressive property portfolio from Colliers. Others may be running as independent consultants and leaving the customer to deal with property piece and property players have a small consultancy arm but nothing to the depth & breadth that Pollen Colliers collaboration has.” He concludes “I’m really excited about the opportunities this opens for clients going forward”.

Mitchell has experience implementing difficult transformations in tough environments and knows what it takes to navigate and deliver significant change. He excels in global and traditional supply chain, heavy engineering, as well as having a strong background in manufacturing and FMCG.

He claims to have a strong alignment with Pollens values on how they work and develop their people. “What I love is working with teams, getting them to be the best they can, believe in themselves and get them to do things they didn’t know they could do.” He concludes “I bring the ability to shape and articulate and sell a vision. With skills across the entire value chain to inform & develop and the energy to get people excited, to light the fire and let them go.”

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Originally published for Inside FMCG: From client to partner, Sean Mitchell joins Pollen Consulting Group – Inside FMCG