sweet lessons we can learn from bees

As the name would suggest, we see a lot of synergies within our work ethics at Pollen – what better day than World Bee Day to share some of these sweet lessons we can learn from bees:

Collaboration: The relationship between bees is not a 50/50 partnership or competition. If a job needs to be done, they will strive to complete together in an efficient and harmonious manner. If one bee is suffering or falling behind, the others step up to do the work, making sure the collective productivity is never reduced.

Diversity: Every bee in the hive has a special job – foragers, engineers, nurses, converters, cleaners, and the Queen.  They understand the diversity of others whilst thriving on their own niche skills.

Communication: Bees communicate efficiently and honestly through vibration. The messages are simple and easily understood allowing decisions to be made quickly.

Quality: Each bee is focused on producing perfect honey to an exact standard of 17% water. There is no room for error. Quality is never compromised for speed and a great deal of pride is taken within their role.

Teamwork: Ego is never a feature. Bees collect nectar for the survival of the hive – not for individual gain. They also literally have each others back – if another bee is itchy, another bee won’t hesitate to jump on her back and find the source.

Evolution: Bees survive by adapting to their surroundings. They are not discouraged by new locations or temperatures or change for that matter. They are constantly learning and evolving to be better.

Dancing: By means of the bee dance (waggle dance) a bee communicates to its hivemates in which direction they must fly to reach a food source. The quality and quantity of the food source determines the liveliness of the dance – very similar to the behaviour of our Pollen teammates when snacks / drinks arrive in the office on a Friday.