KeepCup Success Story

At Pollen, our hardworking consultants rely heavily on caffeine to fuel their day…and in a business where we are looking to minimise wastage / improve supply chain efficiency; a KeepCup policy was a no brainer!!

As part of onboarding we are given a KeepCup and told that if we are ever seen using a “disposable cup” it’s a $5 fine on the spot!! Safe to say, this has only happened once and we are ensured it was an emergency that will never be repeated.

Early morning flights, road trips to visit clients and the occasional project all-nighter, KeepCups have become a staple travel item as well as a Monday morning life saver…

Before our team meeting you can spot a sea of Yellow KeepCup lids on the counter of our local cafe – they offer a discount for using reusables which also helps to fund the caffeine addiction!

At a recent networking event we gifted our guests with branded KeepCups to help ‘Pollenate’ the good word and according to our caffeine maths…we calculated that we have saved over 10,000 plastic cups in 2018!!

Thank you KeepCup for providing a jazzy receptacle that in turn makes our team alert and ready to tackle a busy day in the world of FMCG Consulting!