Industry Sectors:

We have fun problem solving across a vast range of businesses and are proud to offer our expertise
and experience in the following industry sectors:

  • FMCG – Working from farm to fork; whether its fresh ready meals, shampoo, milk or tins of beans, FMCG was the launch pad for Pollen and is a sector we know and love. Our experience, insights and track record continue to grow as do our accolades in this fast pace environment.
  • PHARMACEUTICALS – When you have Doctors of Chemistry in your team and people who have worked globally for the pharma big guns, it’s understandable to be seen as the go to people in this sector.
  • MANUFACTURING & INDUSTRIAL – Applying lean thinking keeps manufacturing local. Our goal is to ensure our customers stay ahead of not only the local market but the global market as well.
  • DISTRIBUTION & LOGISTICS – Networks are complex, both locally and internationally and we love a challenge to think differently. In a post Covid era, this pushes us to truly work end to end in our supply chains.
  • RETAIL & COMMERCIAL – The ever changing landscape is reshaping how we view retail and the role it plays. Pivotal to that, is the total cost to service the customer; whether it’s taking lean practices into stores or understanding portfolio profitably and promotional mechanics – we have the horsepower and intellect to make impactful changes.
  • QUICK SERVICE RETAIL – the nuances of the sector bring together our FMCG manufacturing and supply chain thinking with our retail and commercial knowledge to provide “Colonel Quality, Guaranteed”.