From Little Things, Big Things Grow

This has always been our business ethos and following National Tree Day* we wanted to share how we made this metaphor a reality by collaborating with the Fifteen Trees Organisation.

Acting in a socially responsible and sustainable way has always been a core value; as well as applying a sustainability lens for our clients, we strive to maintain integrity of our own supply chain. We are proud to have achieved a carbon negative footprint through active recycling, promoting a paperless office and partnering with the Fifteen Trees organisation to plant 1500 new trees across Australia:


• 160 trees to Wagga Wagga, NSW,
• 240 trees to the Central Tablelands, NSW and
• 600 trees to Cemetery Point and surrounds, TAS.
• 500 trees to Westgate Bridge, VIC


SITE 1: The native trees at Wagga Wagga were planted with a focus on locally indigenous species which  have been planted along a section of the Wiradjuri walking track near the city centre of Wagga Wagga.

SITE 2. Over at Orange, NSW, John Dalton, State Landcare Coordinator 2004-08 and founding member of Landcare NSW Inc, has planted 240 trees on his property thanks to Pollen’s generosity. John is actively establishing linkages along fence lines and planting mostly local Box Gum Woodland species such as White Box, Yellow Box and Blakely’s Red Gum.

SITE 3. In Tasmania, 600 trees were planted at a couple of locations, including Cemetery Point and Gunns Plains Rd.

SITE 4. Westgate Bridge in Victoria was a casualty of progress for many years. Vegetation was decimated, and local fauna all but disappeared. Cut forward to now, and it’s a whole new story. A thriving new park and wetland area, birds, amphibians and other creatures have returned and complex indigenous vegetation areas are becoming established.


*This Sunday 1st Aug marked National tree day Founded in 1996, this was created to educate individuals on the environment and encourage them to give back. National Tree Day has now grown into Australia’s largest environmental awareness day and community tree-planting event.


Natascha Mang; Pollen Consulting Group