pollen launches lean training academy

The business has a training budget; training is carried out, certificate goes in the drawer and companies see very little return on value. Does this sound familiar?

In a recent survey conducted with FMCG companies, 95% agreed that applying the principles of Lean manufacturing is important when keeping a competitive edge, yet only 50% of respondents used their training budget for Lean / Continuous Improvement.

Pollen Consulting Group are bridging this gap in the market by offering industry specific Lean training that offers a guaranteed ROI.

“We see a gap in the market with training that teaches theory AND delivers tangible results. Rather than being a ‘nice to have’ we wanted to create a training program that adds instant value to businesses.” States Paul Eastwood CEO of Pollen.

Born from the consultancy business, where Pollen are currently working with a vast range of clients in the FMCG sector, Pollen Academy combines specialism in project implementation with an LSSSP certified Lean Training Program. This is done through leveraging expertise in improving bottom line performance and as well as teaching Lean Theory.

Ebbinghaus’ “forgetting curve” theory shows that when learning something new, we only retain 33% of the information after 1 day has passed. “For learning to have value there needs to be spaced repetition, which is why we have structured our teaching to include concepts online as well as practical theory through simulations and implementation in a live environment with ongoing support and coaching” Says Ashley Darley, Director of Pollen Academy.

By using a blend of online modules, classroom simulation activities and shopfloor coaching – Pollen Academy offers a hands-on experience for learning styles, whether Auditory, Visual or Kinaesthetic. This is then followed up with the right number of days support and coaching on the shopfloor to put the learning into practice through delivering projects aligned to the business priorities and underpinned by a Return on Investment.

“We learnt that only 36% who have had Lean Training had learnt examples specific to their industry.” Continues Darley. “We tailor our training to each business, so we are speaking using familiar terms and solving the biggest problems as part of the assessment process; Meaning your team is implementing their learnings whilst adding value to the business.”

Candidates enrolling in Pollen Academy will receive a Lean Champion & Lean Practitioner qualification certified by LSSSP as well as coaching to deliver a guaranteed minimum 3:1 ROI.

“The idea is to work smarter, not harder” says Darley. “Using our consultancy skills in the FMCG sector and expertise in improving bottom line performance we can train and implement to deliver tangible results.”


Pollen Academy has already kicked off live projects in multi-site businesses as well as launching the following programs:

Confident Frontline Leader

Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt)


For more information about the programs and training available at Pollen Academy:


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