Pollen joins the PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturing Association)

Following 5 years of growing success in ANZ, Pollen Consulting Group took the plunge and launched in the UK in March 2021. A management consultancy specialising in supply chain efficiency in FMCG, Pollen have quickly earned a strong reputation in the pet food sector, having worked with a number of pet food manufacturers since their inception. Disrupting the usual consultancy model, Pollen offer a fresh perspective when it comes to solving pain points and are known as ‘the consultants of choice for leaders with an eye on their operations.’ With credentials to cover every element of a COO’s remit, their skillset is founded with operational bias; specialising in manufacturing excellence, supply chain efficiency, lean training, engineering, technology solutions, capital investment and procurement.

Headed by UK MD; Derek Cunningham who has 15 years’ experience in the UK management consultancy sector and is renowned as the ‘go to person for complex supply chain problems’. He is an exceptional analyst, strategist, business planner and system developer but unusually combines this with a first-class ability to deliver sustainable behavioural change. Throughout his career he has won multiple awards across different disciplines and has a real passion for technology, supply chain and a values driven approach.

When asked about the timing of the expansion, CEO and founder responded ‘We have been working on our global growth strategy for the last 12 months, during that time the world has changed and it’s time for consultancy to change as well. The UK has had it tough and we want to be part of getting things back on track’.

 adds, “We are looking forward to working with Pollen Consulting Group as new Associate Members and their involvement with PFMA as reputable consultants within the pet food sector. Pollen’s membership highlights the broadening of PFMA’s offering to sectors beyond pet food manufacturers and suppliers.”

joins Pollen UK as Global Growth & Engagement Lead from the Sydney head office, bringing her experience of working closely with the ANZ team. She believes the key to Pollen’s success is people: “Our client list grows through exceptional references; they love working with our team because we execute with an entrepreneurial mindset and offer fresh insights.” Pollen offers an impressive range of experience and a team of experts spanning across FMCG, Pharma, Manufacturing & Industrial, Retail & Commercial, Distribution & Logistics and Quick Service Retail.

Recently completing their first project with Real Pet Food in the UK,  (Operations Lead UK & Europe/PFMA Chairman) comments: “To be honest I have always been a little sceptical around consultants (sorry Pollen!) however they are transforming our business in a very real way and helping me drive change that has a tangible and visible P&L/GM advantage.”


See Greg discussing the pain points and opportunities in the pet food sector here.

Originally published for Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA): The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) are delighted to welcome our newest Associate Member – Pollen Consulting Group – onboard.